Nodes in the World

Is it possible to know where the nodes of the TestNet are located in the world?
First the site was online: where it was possible to see a map of the world and its nodes. Now it’s not online anymore. Is there something like this?
Thanks a lot

It’s online again - it was shut down as part of the testnet stall recovery effort and was just brought back online yesterday.

Yes, thanks.
However when I look for my node on the map, it appears online but the city does not appear written, but only the state.
Appears with: “None, State”.
For example -> “None, Italy”.
Could it be that because the environment is on Docker?


When I installed the node on Ubuntu, everything worked fine.

The location shown is provided by a 3rd party database (GeoIP Lite). Depending on the IP address that is identified when you connect to a Relay, it may resolve differently. It’s unrelated to running in Docker. Longer term we are looking at improvements to our dashboard, and a more reliable GeoIP lookup utility will be part of any such improvements.

Thank you for the interest and enthusiasm to investigate this - glad to have you here from wherever you are in Italy! :slight_smile:

how you retrive node list?

What do you mean? How do we do it? Or how can you do it? We do it through telemetry reporting from relays - reporting connections. The information is not available publicly at this time.