Not capped token issuance

Currently Algorand Standard Assets are capped - when creating a new asset we need to specify the total token amount.
Is there any plan to lift that limitation and change the ASA API?

One way to work around it is to set a maximum token number and have a separate account which will be responsible for token distribution.

Another solution could be to create different ASA pools with exactly the same asset name and the same unit name (it is possible) but remembering that you will have different asset id for each pool. The asset id is therefore the only differentiating factor that you would have between the different ASA pools, it could be limiting if you went to use this property as an ASC1 TEAL check, for example.

I don’t see how creating a completely new asset is a solution? That means you’ve just forked the asset. It might have the same visual name but someone sending Asset ID 5 (‘Foo’) to someone with Asset ID 6 (‘Foo’) will now have two ‘foo’ entries. Actually worse, it’ll likely fail since they won’t have opted in to the ‘new’ asset yet.
As far as I can see, creating a new asset is, literally, creating a brand new asset. There aren’t cross-asset links linkings.

Yes, you’re right. My suggestion was meant to be more like a “work around” with very limited applicability depending on the case, not a complete solution for sure. Just becouse currentrly Algorand ASA architecture dose not allow a proper “not capped” supply.

What would be the advantages of having a non-capped ASA on the blockchain, rather than having a reserve account for the non-distributed tokens?

It may make more explicit any increase in circulation. But on the other hand, you can already track that by looking at transactions from the reserve account.