Online multi sig account with one of the parties - ledger nano x

Hi all,

I tried to register a multi sig account online and one of the parties is a ledger nano account. However, I encountered below error msg.
“Couldn’t sign tx with kmd: unknown field votefst”

I signed it with simple command ./goal clerk multisig sign -t sign_it.tx -a ledger_nano_addr -d data

Is it possible to make it work? Many thanks!

Hi michshell8912,

Looking over our Ledger firmware, it appears that the code doesn’t currently support that field in the key registration transaction.

We are working on another update for the firmware, and will include these missing fields in the release. Thank you for reporting this!

I think I ran into the same issue. In my case, I created a participation key for an account on my Ledger. Trying to change the online status of the account yields the same effective error:
/goal account changeonlinestatus -w ‘Ledger Nano X …’ -a XXXXX -o=1
Couldn’t sign tx: unknown field votefst (for multisig accounts, write tx to file and sign manually)

I’m guessing this is the same problem? Any idea when an update will be available?

Hi aojjazz,

That does appear to be the same problem. We’re rolling this feature into another firmware update – I’ll post back here when it’s available for download in Ledger Live.

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Great! I think the ledger support is a perfect example which helps demonstrate the benefits of the account PK not having to be on the participation node. The ledger securely and cleanly avoids the offline mechanisms of signing off-host.