Quantum Integrations

One of the most exciting aspects of Algorand is integrating blockchain software with quantum computing hardware. Quantum computers, like D-Wave’s Adiabatic Quantum Computer and PsiQuantum’s Photopic Circuit Quantum Computer are scaling with industrial applications faster than some suspect. As a result, quantum security considerations are becoming increasingly relevant for blockchain technologies, like Algorand.

Of course, Algorand continues to drive the edge in quantum integrations. For example, Algorand recently pioneered research in post-quantum cryptography as part of a global research initiative. More recently, Archie Chaudhury and I created a quantum voting software for secure and decentralized consensus, using Algorand’s Reach and D-Wave’s Cloud Environment, Leap. (GitHub)(White Paper)(YouTube Demo) Moving forward, I hope this Topic will be a place in the Forum to further discuss ideas, projects, and inventions for new quantum technologies developing with Algorand.

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Amazing job man, congratulations, the idea itself was like readable fresh mountain air but a little more jaw dropping! Please count me in if work progresses and you needed an extra brain and keyboard!

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Thank you very much for the kind words!