Question about Point-of-Sale Application

I was reading the, “Creating a Point-of-Sale Application with the Algorand Blockchain,” article by Eric Gieseke which was super insightful.

If I were to build a POS system that runs on the Algorand blockchain, when a consumer is in a brick and mortar retail location, would they be using their debit/credit card for the transaction or would the consumer need to be spending Algorand that they have in their digital wallet ahead of time?

I’m just trying to understand if an Alogrand blockchain based POS at a retailer would be a seamless use case for consumers or would it only be applicable to consumers who own Algorand coins.

Welcome to Algorand!

The point-of-sale solution indeed assumes that the user already has an Algorand wallet with Algos for payment.

You can however tweak it and extend it in multiple ways:

  • Instead of using Algos, you may want to use a stable coin such as USDT or USDC. Both are now fully supported by some exchanges on Algorand.
  • You can also create your own token for your retail location, that would work like physical gift cards work.
  • You may want to integrate the wallet with an exchange to allow the user to easily buy Algos / USDT / USDC when they don’t have such cryptocurrencies in their wallet.
  • You may consider using Circle Payments API: Getting Started | Circle Payments API
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Awesome, thanks Fabrice!