Regular daily jump of 40k transactions at 12h GMT

Hi everyone. I have a seemingly simple question, unfortunately I haven’t found an answer to it on discord and telegram yet. I will quote my question here, surely there will be other brain capacities here…

So, can someone reveal to me the origin of the daily regular jumps of transactions at 12 o’clock GMT? Daily 60k jump transactions in blockhain at GMT 12:00. Another coin minting, smart contract, distribution, voting? You can see it nicely on the weekly chart transaction on explorer. I tried to search, but it’s not easy, the exact times are not listed, the explorer is still updating, so maybe someone knows without me going through it. Thank you

Updated, I searched the blocks by exact time and didn’t find anything special. According to averages in blocks from that time, it corresponds to the number of tx (approx. 20k) without the jump. (jump approx. 40k tx, from 20 - 60k)


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I could be wrong, but the schedule makes me think it might be Zone and/or Planets. Zone makes the most sense as a lot of their payouts typically happen twice daily.
Their main payout address if you’re interested in checking this out.

Yes, you are right, in the blocks around this hour there are many planet transactions to be seen, but even so, the number did not seem right to me.

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Lucky guess on my part, could be combined with other daily/twice daily high volume batch transactions to push numbers even higher at some points?