Rising Sync Time


Hey all,

Just got started by installing and running a node, I followed the GitHub doc closely:

The docs mention that sync time will eventually be at 0, however it keeps rising, clearly my node is not setup correctly, running carpenter -d ~/node/data I see this:

11168.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |
11170.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |
11172.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |
11173.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |
11174.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |
11175.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |
11176.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |
11178.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |
11180.0.0:              RoundInterrupted      -       |

The sync time is the total amount of time you’ve been syncing for, it is not an estimate of remaining time.

It will rise and rise and then drop to 0 - when it does you are synced and Carpenter will start displaying votes.

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Sync time will be zero when your node has caught up. RoundInterrupted means the agreement protocol is getting interrupted because you’re still catching up, retrieving blocks it’s trying to run the agreement protocol for.

TestNet is currently at round 20050. Once you’re caught up / done synchronizing, sync time will be zero.

So you just need to be a patient a little longer.