Running a relay node for testnet

How do I add my relay node to be added to the srv recordn for testnet? And, what changes are required in “config.json” in addition to setting NetAddress to “:4161”?


Why do you want to run a relay on TestNet?

Currently, registering a relay on TestNet is not open to the general public.

Hi Fabrice,

I’m selected to run a community relay node and wanted to verify my node.

What would be the best way to check if a node functions as relay node without being hooked up to “srv records”? My node listens on 4160 but its disk usage is low, similar to that of a participant node; I’m not sure if it has all the blocks from genesis as an archival node…


Yes, if you’re not in the SRV records, nobody will connect to you so you won’t see high bandwidth.

What you can still check is:

  • telemetry is working properly: Install a node - Algorand Developer Portal
  • your block height is valid and match (ideally you have a monitoring system that checks it for you regularly, that’s one of the simplest way to check your node is not stalled): goal node status or API
  • from another computer (ideally on a completely different network) run:
    • curl <dns-or-ip>:4160
      • Replace <dns-or-ip> by your node DNS name or IP address
      • Should return “404 page not found” or similar. If it is not the case, check your firewall and the section “Incoming Connections” in “Configuration.”
    • curl -s http://<dns-or-ip>:4160/v1/mainnet-v1.0/block/0 | base64
      • Should return: gqVibG9ja4qkZmVlc8Qgx/zNsljw1BicK/i21o7ml1CGQrCtAB8x/LkYw1S6hZqjZ2VurG1haW5uZXQtdjEuMKJnaMQgwGHE2Pwdvd7S12BL5FaOP20EGYesN73ktiC1qzkkit+lcHJvdG/ZWWh0dHBzOi8vZ2l0aHViLmNvbS9hbGdvcmFuZGZvdW5kYXRpb24vc3BlY3MvdHJlZS81NjE1YWRjMzZiYWQ2MTBjN2YxNjVmYTI5NjdmNGVjZmE3NTEyNWYwpHJhdGXOATEtAKZyd2NhbHLOAAehIKNyd2TEIP7/////////////////////////////////////////pHNlZWTEIMBhxNj8Hb3e0tdgS+RWjj9tBBmHrDe95LYgtas5JIrfonRzzlz+7wCjdHhuxCAneGKxstLRJ5u1oZ0Nh1GP5xUA8Sa4ujNndb00mh57c6RjZXJ0gA==
      • Any other output indicates that your relay is not properly configured. Check that you are on the correct network mainnet-1.0 by running goal node start -d (see above).
    • curl <dns-or-ip>:9100
      • Should return timeout or indicate that the port is not accepting connections.

Please contact the Foundation to the email address that was provided to you for them to make a check too.

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Got it.

Thanks bunches, fabrice!

Congratulations on becomming community relay node runner.

How many algos did you committed for the period? Is there some public info about what was the trashold?

I was community relay node runner in the previous period, and i have fine tuned the kubernetes deployment so there is no downtime even with the upgrade of consensus… AlgorandNodes/statefulset.yaml at main · scholtz/AlgorandNodes · GitHub