Setting account online fails


I created a new account in a new wallet and tried to set the new account online by creating a participation key and then bringing the account online use the goal command:

./goal account changeonlinestatus -a IMEQXCTN5QVFZ2TVDKBUXP3H5QX4C7GCAHF65DKKB52JH7VGSWUZVEV3XM -o -d ./data -w “openWallet”

After entering the above command I am prompted for a password and after entering
the password I get the following error:
HTTP 500 Internal Server Error: transaction was rejected by local pool

In another wallet I was successful in getting one account online but could not get
other accounts online.


Going online has a cost of 1 Algo, does the address have Algos from the distributor? That looks like an error similar to the one I got after testing a multisig account but not having any Algos in it to send.


Yes, that was it. Thanks Tim.