Signing a 2/2 Multisig Transaction on separate machines

Hi everyone,

i have a device A that holds a private key Sk(A) and its respective public key Pk(A).

I’ve also a backend service B that holds a private key Sk(B) and its respective public key Pk(B).

A knows only the address string of B.

I want to create a 2/2 Multisig transaction, where both the signatures of A and B are required.

Is it possibile to send a signedTransaction (by A only) to the backend B (so a conversion of the transaction to a JSON format - like) and make B to append its signature to the transaction and then send it to the blockchain?

I want to achieve this using JavaSDK.

Yes this is possible. Take a look at this section:
Notice that the first account signs the tx.
let rawSignedTxn = algosdk.signMultisigTransaction(txn, mparams,;
You can save off this signed tx and send to backend service which would then do:

let twosigs = algosdk.appendSignMultisigTransaction(rawSignedTxn, mparams,;
//submit the transaction
let tx = (await algodclient.sendRawTransaction(twosigs));
console.log("Transaction : " + tx.txId);

Take a look at this page for details on saving the signed tx:

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In Java i have a issue in this line


since my acct2 is the backend B and at this point i know only its public key (since the code is running on the client), i can write this address only in a String format and i couldn’t figure out how to convert it to the Ed25519PublicKey required by the code.


Ed25519PublicKey pk = new Ed25519PublicKey(addr.getBytes());

Then you can add it like:

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Thank you! It worked like a charm

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