Tealdbg error: only encoded map or array can be decoded into a struct

I’m getting the following error when I try to run tealdbg against a recent dryrun txn:

2022/04/05 14:17:58 Decoding as JSON DryrunRequest object failed: json decode error [pos 1]: only encoded map or array can be decoded into a struct
  2022/04/05 14:17:58 Debug error: msgpack decode error [pos 232]: no matching struct field found when decoding stream map with key creator
  scripty ERR! script failed:

I’ve been using tealdbg frequently and have only run into this issue since updating my node. Did anything change with tealdbg in the latest release?

Hi Casper,

Not necessarily a change with tealdbg but the fields on certain encoded objects did change. You’d want to make sure both tealdbg and whatever you’re using to generate the files agree on the same version (latest go-algorand is 3.5.1) otherwise msgpack will complain about fields


Had a similar error myself recently and it was due to accidentally sending an AssetParam object back to the server. There is one serialisation format (“creator”) for AssetParam when reading from endpoints, and another serialisation format (omitted as it is not known) when being transmitted.