Telemetry generates empty Guid

Hello all,

I tried ./diagcfg telemetry enable but no Guid is generated.

Anyone is willing to guide me a bit on this? I’m trying to walk myself through the relay node deployment. I understand there’s no additional algos for it.

Many thanks!

You may want to follow the following steps:

  1. Stop the node (goal node stop, or using systemctl if you were using a DEB package)
  2. Remove the files logging.config in $ALGORAND_DATA and in $HOME/.algorand (where $HOME should be the home folder of the user running the Algorand node). You may also need to remove the file logging.config from /root/.algorand
  3. Run
diagcfg telemetry name -n <name>
  1. Report to us the GUID
  2. Start the node

Thank you Fabrice. I followed the instruction but the issue persists.

My system is under macos catalina.
the logging.config can be found under my home directory “/Users/the_user/.algorand/logging.config” and the other is “/Users/the_user/node/data/logging.config”. I deleted both and ran the cmd, but I saw the same problem again.

EDIT, some findings:
This can be the issue…

So, I’m thinking about using GUID Generator App to generates a GUID for this mac laptop, after that I will fill the logging.config with the generated GUID, can anyone confirm this could be the solution?
Otherwise, I need to either re-install the system or switch to another machine.

Thank you!

Try this, delete both logging.config files and start/stop Algod and see if it comes back -