TestNet stall / update planned (v0.2.13)


You may have noticed that TestNet was stalled yesterday from ~00:45 EDT to ~18:00 EDT. We managed to get it running again and it is running along fine. We learned a number of things as a result of the outage and will follow up with a review of what happened. We were planning a regular release for today which was held up by yesterday’s stall. We are still considering releasing another lightweight (no new genesis version) build today - we will let you know soon if so, as it will be for 11:30am EDT if we do so.


We’ve decided to go with today’s update. It will be ready for 11:30. Please ensure your cron jobs are running, or run the update script soon after 11:30am EDT. Release notes coming soon.


TestNet v0.2.13 has been successfully applied and seems to be running smoothly after a few hiccups while stake was temporarily unavailable (to be expected). We’ll send out the release notes shortly. Thank you everyone for continuing to help make TestNet run smoothly!

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TestNet v0.2.13 (131085)

This latest release continues our push on performance and stability and incorporates some safety and security enhancements to our consensus protocol.
As of the last release, our block time is generally < 4.5s and we continue to make our performance more efficient.
Catching up to the current blockchain continues to get faster with this release.
Fit and finish work is on-going, including updating our terminology to refer to a single token as a MicroAlgo when appropriate while using goal.
Fixed a handfull of bugs, including some related to the recent 17-hr stall.

The full list of changes can be found on the developer website: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/latest-updates

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Had to force a restart to get the node to resume syncing after upgrading to v0.2.13. Just FYI.


Thanks. Do you know your node’s telemetry host name (diagcfg telemetry)? I would like to check telemetry for your node. We’ve see a few cases where the update doesn’t successfully shut down algod before updating, so the old build keeps running even after the new build is installed. This sounds like what you might have seen.