TestNet Status Update for November 6, 2018


Hello TestNet participants! Thanks again for your interest and your active engagement in Algorand’s TestNet.

I, or someone from Algorand, will be posting updates on days where there is something worth sharing related to the network status. This could be related to planned / completed updates, or it could be details on network outages or newly-discovered bugs.

The network experienced a few hiccups today but is currently running normally. A high-CPU utilization alert was reported and was diagnosed to be a known bug, which we previously recovered from by simply restarting the nodes. The same mitigation worked this time. The bug is related to a cache not being properly maintained, resulting in floods of obsolete messages that need to be processed. I will accelerate the fix for this bug so it does not continue to hit us.

There were a few other stalls that triggered alerts, but the network recovered without my intervention. I did not investigate to see if someone else (outside of Algorand) maybe gave it a kick to get it going.

I was happy to see a few new nodes come online recently - welcome to the newcomers!

I am hoping to release a new build later this week with a fix for today’s recurring bug; I’ll let you know before releasing it so you know it’s coming and what it includes.

Thanks again for joining us.

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