TestNet Update Coming this morning (v0.2.15)


We’re preparing a new update for 11:30am today. The list of changes continues to shrink as we approach MainNet. Once the update has been picked up, we’ll send out the revision notes. Please be sure you update your node - there’s another protocol upgrade in this release, so your node will stop participating if you don’t update.

And please be sure you have renewed your participation keys for online accounts. To simplify the process, there are 2 new commands (goal account renewpartkey and goal account renewallpartkeys).

Release notes will be posted once the release is deployed.

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Release is live - a minor hiccup for one round which is almost unavoidable but otherwise smooth as always. Thanks everyone who’s helping to keep this running smoothly!
And here are the release notes:

* Add `goal account partkeyinfo` command to dump detailed partkey info
* Add round to REAL API balance call
* Increase account minimum balance by 10x to 100,000
* Add `goal account renewpartkey` and `renewallpartkeys` commands
* ConcensusVersion for newly generated private networks now set to the latest version.

* Catchup performance improvements
* 2-3x throughput improvement for receiving small messages
* Peers can now retrieve recent blocks from any connected peer

Bug Fixes
* Ignore malformed proposal payloads; do not disconnect
* Fix db handle leak for ephemeral keys

For full release notes, see here: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/latest-updates