TestNet Update Coming


A new TestNet build is on the way! I’m putting together a list of changes / updates. Includes a new genesis block, so your accounts will be lost (sorry). Genesis wallets are still valid. Build should be picked up at 12:30pm EST.


Here’s the list of updates:

  • Preliminary Auction implementation
  • Added TransactionsByAddr API
  • Release builds now using deadlock detection library
  • Added APIToken security to REST API - most API calls now require providing a valid token.
  • Fixed networking-related deadlock
  • Added Prometheus metrics monitoring; node_exporter tool
  • Added diagcfg CLI tool for configuring telemetry and metrics
  • Added fix for rewards in future buffer bug - was causing high CPU load
  • Added script to help configure running algod as a service
  • Added account locking and escrow transactions to support grants
  • Fixed serialization of network messages to ensure they are never interleaved.
  • Fixed TransactionStatus REST API to work properly
  • Added a REST API for getting transactions from specific round range
  • Added a “goal clerk rawsend” command to send raw transactions
  • Increased the max allowed size of the transaction Note field (now 1024 bytes)
  • Transaction pool logic changed to consider the number of bytes in the Note field