TestNet v0.2.7 Releasing Today


Sorry for the late notice, but we’re releasing the next update to TestNet this morning at 10:30 EDT.

This does include a new genesis version so balances will be reset - sorry. We are striving to eliminate these version changes in order to exercise our protocol upgrade implementations, so moving forward there should be many fewer disruptive changes like this.

We’ll post a list of the changes in this build once it has released. We’re expecting everything to go smoothly.


New build is up and running smoothly! Changes in this update:

* Added transaction pool Metrics telemetry events
* Updated log time format to include microsecond resolution
* Added a -wait flag to goal clerk send
* Made waiting the default behavior for goal clerk send and rawsend
* Add a separate REST API for fetching transactions that might not be confirmed yet
* Moved swagger.json from <datadir> to part of the binary
* Added basic newRound newPeriod telemetry event
* algokey now allows signing directly with mnemonic
* Fixed agreement bugs (including the one causing the stall)
* Return `CloseRemainderTo` from algod REST API
* Earning unit changed to one Algo
* Merged with latest gorilla websocket source
* Added support for MinBalance and account closing
    * Accounts cannot drop below MinBalance (currently 1000) unless the account
    data is all-zero, which would allow our database to delete it altogether.
* `goal clerk send -close-to addr` closes an account and sends the remainder to addr.
* We again compute proper commit hash for all builds (was using git Tag for 0.2.x releases)
* Fixed new alignment change breaking PI builds
* Ensure we got expected block from peer when catching up
* More security-related fixes
* Added support for fine-grained ephemeral keys
* Added logging of vote senders
* Check for recently committing a tx in TransactionPool.Remember
* Add a DNS fallback to external resolver on all local resolver failuires
* Only bump watchdog timer for authed requests in kmd
* Added accumulated earnings to AccountData

That’s excellent, this is very helpful.