TestNet v2 (0.2.6 / 131078)

The update has been installed by most people, and is now running smoothly after a few self-inflicted hiccups.

The big news for the day was the change from our ad-hoc TestNet infrastructure to a professionally deployed and managed infrastructure with wider distribution of our stake. The switch wasn’t as smooth as hoped, but we all learned how to make it smooth next time.

And here’s the list of meaningful changes:

  • Build versions bumped to 0.2.xxx where xxx is not date-based, just incremented per-build
  • Better error messages when working with rawTransactions
  • More code cleanup, optimizations
  • Derive public key from secret during key import in kmd
  • Add goal account listpartkeys command to list part key db files
  • Old ephemeral participation keys are now deleted from disk
  • Fixed bug causing crash when generating part key for lastRound<firstRound
  • New genesis for TestNet v2.0
  • Default consensus protocol now v1
  • Added additional allowed kmd CORS header
  • Added missing assignment of Block Timestamp to /v1/block REST API
  • Added RunHosted config flag to config.json and fixed migration of old config files
  • Added support for lauching algod hosted after update (add -hosted argument)
  • We now set the secure_delete pragma on sqlite participation key DBs
  • Update REST API servers so CORS accepts content-type header
  • Fixed potential network attack vectors (limit incoming connections, limit data sizes)
  • Fixed regression - do not listen on the network if config.NetAddress is blank
  • Auction master now uses multisig
    • All auction winnings must be dispensed via multisig
  • Network now limits incoming connections based on OS resource limits
  • Allow auctionmaster to compute outcomes without private key
  • Added building of debian package to all deployed builds
  • Fixed some issues with running debian-installed algod
  • Fixed logging of deadlock effective state when starting algod
  • Added “algokey sign” and “algokey multisig” - allows for command-line signing of transactions
  • Added a -b32 flag to msgpacktool - encode binary blobs using base32 (instead of base64)
  • Added a goal clerk multisig merge command - takes N files with partially signed multisig transactions, and outputs 1 file with all combined.
  • goal clerk multisig sign can now operate on multi-txn files, for consistency.
  • Add a safety check that the sum of money does not change when processing blocks
  • Rewards now for fractions when giving out earnings
  • Use fallback DNS in failure case (when default DNS server times out)
  • Enforce maxHashes in TxSync to mitigate numHashes as a DoS vector
  • Add goal commands to manage keys (goal account delete | deletemultisig | multisig info)
  • Goal now indicates which accounts are multisig in goal account list output
  • Added Stall/Catchup detection in algoh blockwatcher
  • Explicitly disable compression in websockets, and other potential security holes
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