Thanks you Algorand community for supporting Ukraine!

As most of your know, russia (“the second army of the world”) started a full-scale attack on Ukraine. They bomb peaceful cities, kill children and women, in certain places (Mariupol) they organised a genocide

Ukrainian army and Ukrainians resist as much as we can. The positive surprise is how crypto communities from all around the world supported Ukraine. Amazing help.

And I want to thank everyone. And here on the forum I want to thank Algorand community.

Recently, the Algo address was added to Aid for Ukraine site

I checked the block explorer and more than 1500 ALGO was donated

You can also see that these are small donations mostly, so I assume it’s individuals who support
So I want to thank you, everyone

Algorand is among my favorite cryptocurrencies, I take part in governance and in past was even thinking to submit a grant for the creation of Algorand Centres of Excellence (ACE)
After Ukraine wins, maybe this center will be created in Kyiv (maybe by one of the universities) and I hope Kyiv will remain the important crypto capital.

After the war, I want to invite every one of you to visit Kyiv, Ukraine. Thanks again for your help!


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Yes, good results!
Thanks again Algorand community!

Problem: I do not see the amounts matching the donations!

@Maugli Yes, this would be interesting to clarify

My guess is that they didn’t donate in ALGO to that address but maybe some other way (fiat)

By the way, guys, I have youtube channel, site, and crypto blogs

Now I’m back doing interviews, and I would be happy to speak with somebody from Algorand foundation on this topic and about news in Algorand ecosystem, etc.
Is there someone who you can recommend particularly?

After the interview we’ll do text version and maybe will do Ukrainian version as well

So I sent the request by e-mail to Algorand Foundation to speak on this topic
Hopefully I would be able to get an answer soon

So in 2 months passed and still no response
Just curious if message on this forum might help

Just in case something changed

Since the time of that publication, there was no information (or at least I haven’t seen it) - on where the donations went or did these donations happen at all.

I think I have the right to know

  • as ALGO holder and governance participant, even though I had to sell all my ALGO, I still have a symbolic amount and I take part in governance)
  • as Ukrainian
  • as small media owner (even though Cryptotexty is not a big brand, I still have viewers and readers)

so in case somebody wants to stop ignoring this - feel free to contact me

It seems to me that the Foundation hasn’t matched the donations – despite their promise.

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Thanks, it seems to me too
But I think it’s ok to ask
Anyway, they should have somebody in Foundation whose job task is to read and monitor forum

More than likely an oversight and someone forgot rather than purposely ignoring it.

Anyway, I checked the URL given originally, and now it redirects to UNITED24, and here you can’t send crypto as an aid any more. Only credit card and bank transfer is accpeted.