Token Distribution App

This Dapp allows you to multisend ALGO tokens to multiple recipients in decentralized, trustless format.

The way it works:

  1. Provide list of addresses and balances
  2. Click Send
  3. The app generates a private key only available to you, so please backup mnemonic seed phrase just in case
  4. Once funded, click send
  5. Done!

Any details on how this works? It looks like the github source does not include Algorand support. Curious to know the details of who pays the fees and how they’re specified. And how do you guarantee that nobody else has the private key?


  1. I can share source code with you
  2. Private key is stored in localStorage and no one has access to it
  3. I have been running for 1,5 years and it has processed over $12mm. My reputation is at stake if something happens to it.

What kind of guarantee are you looking for?
It’s same as: how can u guarantee when you generate a new key on Android Algorand wallet that no one else has that private key(seed)?
Code in Android store is not auditable and developers can push any build any time. and no one knows if they make additional POST request to store that private key. Theoretically, it’s possible. I’ve seen a lot of crypto wallets that share code publicly but it doesn’t match what has been pushed to Android Store

The way it works:

  1. User provides list of addresses and balances
  2. Multisender calculates total amount to be sent
  3. Fee is calculated: fee = MAX(1 algo OR 0.25% from total)
  4. User funds the wallet
  5. Clicks send
  6. Fee is sent as last tx

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