TOKENOMICS: How To Use The Reserve, Manager, Clawback & Freeze Addresses?

Hey guys, I’m trying to launch my fungible token for my community platform and I want to create 1Billion coins. However, I dont want 1billion coins circulating, I only want a small amount to circulate…

I want the token to be decentralized, I dont want the power to clawback so I’ll be disabling that
However, How am I going to manage the reserve address? would I need to create another wallet and use that address? Because I’m not sure how to access the reserve addresses once minted.

How would I set up a burn address as well? To burn tokens to never be used again

Ideally, someone who could set a strong guideline to follow to have a strong token that I can burn addresses, limit circulation of currency, and even let me know how to price set for an offering

See Stablecoin : How to burn the asset and update the supply - #2 by fabrice for minting/burning tokens and how the reserve address can be controlled by a smart contract to allow the kind of flexibility you want.

The clawback address is 100% independent of the reserve address.
You can just set it to zero to ensure clawback is completely impossible.