Wallet Update: can't recover

  • I used the 25 word passphrase with older wallets.
  • Newer version of the wallet doesn’t recognize the same passphrase.
  • I used it multiple times with the older wallet some months ago.

What’s going on?

The 25-word mnemonic format should not have changed between different versions of the wallet.

Are you using the official Algorand Wallet: https://algorandwallet.com
What exact error do you get?

Invalid passphrase.
I used an android wallet before and now using the Mac version. Official wallet.
Have you tested decoding between the platform versions?

You mean iOS or Mac?

There is no official wallet for Mac.
If you mean iOS, there should be no issue: both the Android and the iOS app use the same mnemonic format.

sorry, ios.
I think I found the problem: I typed the words with first letters capitalized. the recovery seems to be case-sensitive. it was fixed when i switched everything to lower case. if it’s a bug, it should probably be changed to be case-insensitive.

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Hey Roger, thanks for sharing the bug report. I was able to replicate on both Android and iOS. We’ll get this fixed asap. Sorry for the confusion