Welcome to the TestNet!


We are pleased to welcome you to the Algorand TestNet! We are still adding functionality and documentation, but we’re looking for feedback from you and other early-adopters to help us focus on the most important items first. We are leveraging Github as the distribution point for documentation and our installation boot-strapper. The repo’s Readme.md should have enough detail to get you started but you can contact us if you have any problems.

At this time, we’re expecting participants to run standalone Nodes and not Relays, so the hardware requirements are fairly minimal. You’ll need 4-8GB RAM, 100GB HDD/SSD, and 10Mbit broadband. The more cores in your CPU the better, but generally 4 cores is more than enough for a single node. Since there is no specific GPU-optimized code the graphics card will have no impact.

Please follow this area for news and updates.

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hi @Tyler - the link is not working


Rajesh - the link will work once you’ve completed your on-boarding and joined the go-algorand-doc github repo. If you want access, please let us know through testnet@algorand.com and we will get you added.