What happened today?

5 million transactions, 4400 nodes in mainnet
(0,6 million and 1980 nodes on the previous day)
What happened? What is this mysterious Gloc-Net? Google knows nothing about it (yet)

Is it a badly written app? A cyber attack against ASA?
It seems that ASA-s are created with a crazy rate

Algorand Assets ID

166087730 357519633;ROSSI





Thousands (millions?) of them… WHHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

Android Algorand Wallet is slowed down, it takes 20 sec for a tx…

Number os ASA: 4,5 million !!! (20210323T12:40 UTC)

Now these Gloc-Net txns have stopped.

Very mysterious… Will we know more tomorrow?

Anyway, the Android Algorand wallet starts now VERY slowly (10 … 20 sec), and when a click on “Add asset”, they I get a message: “Error occured while fetching more. Try again later”

The mystery is continued: today, the number of nodes is 5595, num of tx: is more than 9 million/day, see

What is happenining?

OK, I see:

"...look forward to more details on this announcement at 9:30am EST on Wednesday, March 24! #NFT https://t.co/1HVUq4Ybw4
...and 9:30 EST has passed