What is the location of phonebook.json and private network configuration

In the documentation, it has been stated that , “It’s entirely private, however. If you want to open it up and allow others to join it, you can modify the config.json file and phonebook.json files to explicitly define listening ports and peer addresses.”

I found the location of config.json which was inside the node’s directory of the private network but, for the phonebook.json I couldn’t found it.

Moreover, I have set up a private network inside my local area network followed the documentation. And for the private network, how can I configure a device as as an non-relay node and join the private network.

All you should need to configure is the config.json. To add a node use the goal network start -n option.
Something like: goal network start -n ~/net1/Node2 -r ~/net1

To join to a private network running on another machine, you need the genesis.json from that private network and you need to start the node (using goal or algod) with the -p option to specify peer/relay IP addresses.