xGov-11 YourPlace

Author Austin Lawrence (@0x9090)

Category dApps

Focus Area Identity

Open-Source Yes

ALGO Requested 1000000

YourPlace is a decentralized, uncensorable, social media protocol built on IPFS and the Algorand blockchain. This open source software was built to distribute social media posts, profiles and content. The goal of YourPlace is to give all the power and decisions back to the user, while taking away as much control from the developer as possible. This is in keeping with open source and blockchain principals, but applied to social media. We are trying to create a truly open and cryptographically enforced free-speech platform to connect people and ideas across the world. We aim for fun and freedom, with no compromise on safety. This xGov proposal is for the seed funding of YourPlace Inc. which will allow us to expand beyond our current solo-developer work stream. Currently, about 60% of the code for the open alpha has been developed and about 70% of the v1 white paper has been written.

YourPlace Inc. is requesting 1M ALGO (~$170k @ today’s valuation) to fund infrastructure and engineering resources to get the project out into the public domain. This will allow us to run for at least 1 year, and potentially longer depending on future ALGO growth.

Link for details

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The amount requested, in terms of the overall xGov treasury of 2M, is a big ask. I’m not sure the concept would be heavily adopted either. While I’m in favor of free speech, the use of 50% of current xGov funding for an uncensored social media platform seems like a huge gamble. If the platform doesn’t take off immediately, the backlash from the community could be substantial, not to mention the fact that members of the community on social media have expressed concerns over potential content issues that this might involve.


dont wanna get too polticial but i think a completely free speach platform without any moderation wont end well

and i dont see something like that platform benefiting the algorand community unless it grows a big userbase (and then integration of other dapps into it) which is kind of a gamble imo. with the amount of ALGOs requested i dont think its the best fit for a xGov grant