xGov-110 - Pixelnode: One-click node manager

Yes, running a consensus node that votes on/proposes blocks of Algorand Txs

I didn’t click on the GitHub link. So it’s not clear to me here on this forum how many Algo you are asking for and what the community gets for the investment. It appears that this service is already in production.

The community gets a one-click node manager to run and manage your participation keys on their own server.
Yes, it is still in the BETA phase. V1 will be released in the coming weeks.


No oss is a deal breaker for me. In this situation. Grant is supposed to pay for the development of the tool, so why you want to monetise on top of it?

It is not a tool that has any competitive advantage in the long term - and your current market is like 100 people.

I am sure fndation will produce something like that in near future anyway, so oss it if you want the grant.

That is my stance as expert governor, but i do understand your reasoning also, i just disagree on its validity if you ask for grant.

Also you are proposing to build something you already built. Why not monetize it now if you want to do so?

Hi @expertgovernor

I appreciate your feedback.
But you either misunderstood the proposal or did not go through my above comments.

as I mentioned above, All v1 features that are about to be prod-released next month are going to be free forever. The ability to run a node is not going to be monetized ever.

Premium plugins that are not part of this release and are going to be part of future releases will be monetized. You can run the node without having to pay anything. You have to pay only if you want to use premium features.

Why do you think it’s not going to have a competitive advantage ?
This is an on-premise setup, devs need filtered data, They need the ability to stream filtered txns. They need user management if they want to support pooling once nodes are incentivized.

Yes, I have a current market of only 100 people, to be specific 11 users using pixelnode including me.
That’s because I don’t have any marketing campaigns running or enough social media following. All I do is post it on Twitter whenever a new feature is released to my 400 followers.

Of course foundation has released a one-click node called “AlgoRun”. I would recommend you to try AlgoRun & PixelNode and come to a conclusion as to why I built pixelnode. The foundation does not have enough engineering capacity to build everything, That’s why community grants are in place.

I was supposed to apply for the last x-gov but I was late by 2 days.
Do you think I should have waited until the current x-gov voting and build only if the proposal is passed?
Won’t that delay instead of speeding up things?

I thought the community would be happy that I built the product first and asked for the grants.
If this is not the case, Devs will simply wait for months waiting for the grants to be approved instead of building the products.

As I said, the ability to run a node should be free and will be free forever. I will not monetize the existing features.


Thank you for your detailed response. It clarifies some of my concerns. Good luck!


People suggesting making everything open source are literally killing the ecosystem. It’s almost impossible to make revenue if people can just fork your code and change it so they don’t have to pay for premium features. Without revenue, there’s no business model, and without a business model, this will just die. Please use your own brains rather than just parroting what John Woods says