1000 Rounds of Consensus

Couple of things that are unclear to me as I am running a node that is marked online now.

  • The part key is good for 3 million rounds, but the firstvalid/lastvalid for consensus registration seems to be limited to 1000 rounds. Is that correct?
  • At the end of that 1000 rounds, I need to re-register for consensus, correct?
  • Assuming above is indeed correct, does this build value for the network or should I be waiting some N rounds to participate again?

Thank you in advance again and apologies in advance if my understanding of this is, well, moderate at best.




When you create a new part key, you typically make it for 3 million round. The first valid / last valid as far as I understand applies to the transaction which register this particular part key. once your transaction was included in a block, your “registration” becomes “active”. It would last until the 3 million rounds expires.

My understanding of this goes as that -
you’re letting the network know that you want to participate in the consensus. Once your transaction is included in a block, all the nodes would be aware of that. At that point, all the nodes would also accept your node’s votes & proposals ( since these can be verified against the registered participation key ).

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