A Proposal - Develop an incentive mechanism for Algorand

We do believe that an incentive mechanism will attract more participants, and bring forward a higher price.

To popularize algorand, there are some possible solutions:

(1) Let’s build an independent algoPOW chain. The pow miners dig to get algoPOW, and then exchange for Algo at a rate of 1:1, or 1:N .

(2) Algo holders who run a relay node get more rewards than those offline.

(3) Your better ideas…

First, may set a higher threshold to create an asset. for example 10~1000 algos to be locked. This is acceptable for people who really need it.

Second, to encourage algo holders to run relay nodes and services such as an ledger explorer, may give more rewards to their accounts, conditioned that they pledge/lock/deposit a considerable amount of algos to show a determination with a long-term plan.

More better ideas? :slightly_smiling_face: