ALGO as a utility token

Seeing all these traceability projects popping up left and right, and RWAs continuing to develop using Algorand blockchain, makes me question how the utilities of ALGO would evolve in the long term.

How do you all envision ALGO’s valuation as the native token being played out? Are we all just dreaming for institutions to wanting to run their own nodes and participate in the governance with heavy bags? Degens going all in b/c of a solid narrative? Aside from this and speculative trading, why would these users want to use ALGO specifically and wish for the value to rise or be stable eventually like the rest of us?

Are there any ongoing plans to increase the usage of ALGO from the ecosystem or else?

I think ALGO is going to be what everyone envisions bitcoin to be. The decentralized payment protocol that is used for this new virtual world. If everyone wants to use it, there are only 10 billion tokens. I see a world where the price of ALGO goes up because people are constantly converting their dollars or government currency into a decentralized, permissionless currency like Algorand. Algorand also does permissioned chains too, which I think could play into the token price as well. You are investing in Algorand to have a stake in governance and decide where the money goes. I think we’ll see lots of adoption once there’s a big bad event with a bunch of major blockchains and everything goes down but Algorand keeps on trucking. Could be in a couple years when quantum computing becomes serious. Who knows. But the fact of the matter is, the highest quality product wins out. There’ll be a before and an after period when everyone realizes what Algorand can do and how it can be beneficial for society. The good news is we are currently in the before period. So we have the chance to build the future we wish to see. My 2 cents.

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Algo is what ever you want it to be . Thats the beauty. The power to transfer a Digitial version of ANYTHING … I always like to say Money is #1

But we are in an era of smart money…