Algodv2 error when calling pendingTransactionInformation

Hi, I’m having trouble using pendingTransactionInformation() method since it’s returning a string.
For example for testnet transaction:

await algodclient.pendingTransactionInformation(txIDd).do();

the method is returning:

I created a separate script for debugging purposes, where I instantiate Algodv2 with the same URL and token in which I get a propper object returned when calling the method using the same txID.

Something I noticed is that AlgodClient instance is slighly different there because it has a few functions that are missing in my program - compile(), dryRun(), getApplicationById(), getAsssetById() -
In both cases i get addres: "" when calling versionCheck()

EDIT: SOLVED after upgrading sdk from v1.6 to v.18