algonode(POST method)

Hi all
I tried to do group transactions using algonode(POST method). I got this type of issue, and I attached my error message

My code:-

const groupID = algosdk.computeGroupID([ transaction1, transaction2, transaction3, transaction4]);
const txs = [ transaction1, transaction2, transaction3, transaction4];
txs[0].group = groupID;
txs[1].group = groupID;
txs[2].group = groupID;
txs[3].group = groupID;
const signedTx1 = await myAlgoWallet.signTransaction([txs[0].toByte(),txs[3].toByte()]);
const signedTx2 = algosdk.signLogicSigTransaction(txs[1], lsig);
const signedTx3 = algosdk.signLogicSigTransaction(txs[2], lsig);
const response = await algodClient.sendRawTransaction([ signedTx1[0].blob, signedTx2.blob, signedTx3.blob, signedTx1[1].blob]).do();
Error Message:-
POST- 400


Welcome to Algorand!

Can you share the full error message you get? (not just the POST … 400)
The full error message is quite long.

PS: I’ve edited your post to write your code in triple backquotes ``` for better readability. Please also write the full error message in triple backquotes ```

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Thanks for your response,
I solved that issues.


Great! To help future readers, would you mind sharing what the issue was and how you fixed it?