Algorand Catchpoints

Hi, I wanted to ask about the catchpoints made publicly available here:

What is the hash/sequence of letters followed by the # sign next to the round number?

Context: Trying to generate my own catchup points.

The alpha numerics character sequence after the “#” character is the hash of the accounts database that corresponds to the round number provided before the “#” character.
If you’re running a non-archival node, you can set the CatchpointTracking in the config.json file to 1 in order to enable your node to generate the catchpoint labels.
If you want your node to generate the catchpoint files, you’ll need an archival node.

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Catchpoint file vs labels… I’m a bit confused here, what’s the difference?

Also CatchpointTracking isn’t documented as a node option in Node configuration settings - Algorand Developer Portal

All I see is CatchpointFileHistoryLength and CatchpointInterval

  • Catchpoint label is the text “18630000#7K5346GSYMSQ7OA6IVNCRRGS5YLJPNBFUYNDQOBAQ6I4CW4OTUEQ”.
  • A catchpoint file is a large file, containing all the accounts for a given round. When you perform a fast catchup, your node downloads the catchpoint file from one of the relays and confirm it matches the provided hash.

The CatchpointFileHistoryLength is used by archival nodes and relays, allowing them to configure how many catchpoint files they would like to keep. ( since these files tend to be big, you might want to avoid keeping all of them ).

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