Algorand Dispenser BetaNet not dispensing

I created two accounts on the BetaNet after the reset but cannot dispense Algos. Something wrong with ?

I was able to create and fund a new account on betanet

goal account new -d $DATA -w $WALLET

I received a 200 response from the dispenser (success) and observed the balance update.

goal account balance -a $ACCOUNT -d $DATA

@hapygo what server response code is returned by the dispenser when you supply your account?

When checking:

0 microAlgos

Ah, made a new account again and now it works. Something was definitely wrong there/or here ;-). The only thing that I did differently was adding the -w walletname to the goal flags. Is this really necessary when the wallet is set to default? Anyway, thanks for the help.

That is quite odd. I’m looking at (what I believe to be) the betanet dispenser address on Algoexplorer, but I do not see a Transfer transaction to your DUTR...T3PI account. I see my successful transaction, then a few others thereafter. One of those more recent ones must be yours to your newer account.

No, if you already set the default wallet for goal and want account new created in that wallet, then there is no need to add the -w --wallet flag.

Yes, it’s odd because the tx response was 200. I guess something was fixed in the mean time(?) if there is no need to use the -w wallet flag. And yes, the newer tx’s thereafter were probably mine.