Algorand Indexer Update: 2.8.3

Important Notice

You cannot upgrade from indexer versions less than 2.8.0. Please see indexer 2.8.0 release notes for details. Upgrading from 2.8.0 to 2.8.3 is fully supported.

We will not be supporting indexer < 2.8.0 in future consensus releases.


This release contains a small migration to drop the deprecated txnbytes column. In our testing this completed within a few seconds. We recommend running a full vacuum afterwards to reclaim space in the database, though the full vacuum may take a long time.


  • New option to specify max database connections using --max-conn
  • Verify existing database matches algod
  • CLI option to provide configuration file with --configfile
  • Even more enhancements to optimize import performance.
  • Query optimization for certain problematic queries.
  • Bug fixes for special cases.
  • Rollback to earlier golang.

New Features

  • Add database max connections configuration option (#837)


  • Preload asset/app creators before evaluation (#749)
  • Delete txnbytes column (#772)
  • Update sigtype along with the rest of account data (#783)
  • Prepare and write txn rows in parallel (#802)
  • Format schema sql (#803)
  • Write into txn and txn_participation tables in parallel with other import procedures (#805)
  • Upgrade golang to 1.16 (#806)
  • Write transactions earlier if possible (#807)
  • Updating readme for postgres 13 and AZ note (#810)
  • Better context usage (#817)
  • Create Python Test for Generated Files (#829)
  • Add CLI option for providing configfile. (#824)
  • Add startup check to verify existing DB data matches the algod network. (#833)
  • Add additional encoding tests. (#853)

Bug Fixes

  • Modify outer left join query to use existing index. (#822)
  • Add retry loop to block handler. (#823)
  • Add IndexerDb.Close() (#801)
  • Remove duplicate inner transactions from blocks endpoint. (#840)
  • Update golint dependency in go mod and sum files. (#844)
  • Revert golang 1.16 upgrade (#841)
  • Set go-algorand submodule to v3.2.3-stable commit. (#851)
  • Add genesis hash check to import (#842)
  • Fix network validation during database upgrade case. (#856)