Algorand .NET SDK

Hi, it seems I cannot use the V2 of the .NET SDK for Algorand for checking an address balance. I want to check my account address balance and I keep getting that error.
From the documentation on the GitHub repo, it says:

But checking account address balance does not work with those using namespace changes.
The new V2 namespaces that I can’t use to check balance:2020-12-19 23_50_12-Window

The older namespaces that work: 2020-12-19 23_52_45-Window

My project Github Repo link:

Please how can I check the balance?

I see that you use the V1 PureStake endpoint there:

You need to use the V2 endpoint which is different:

string ALGOD_API_ADDR = "";

Does this solve your problem?

There is a full example there:

Note: you committed your PureStake key in the Git. Anybody may be able to use. You can continue using it for test, but for production, I recommend you to create a new PureStake account and to never commit this new key in the Git.

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Thank you so much @fabrice it worked!!
I forgot to use ps2 with the changes. I appreciate your help and yes this is only for testing purposes which is why I also commited the purestake key. It will not be used in production.