Algorand Node on VM cannot sync - issue with space?

Hello everyone,

I am running an Algorand node on a VM on AWS and have encountered an issue. I couldn’t seem to connect to the node since the goal node status -d /var/lib/algorand would give this output:
Get "": dial tcp connect: connection refused

It seems that I ran out of space. My VM currently has 8 GB of space, which seems to be enough in the requirements. Is this normal or should I adjust some settings to stop using so much space? How much space would definitely be enough for this not to happen again?

8GB of disk space seems a bit too small.
For a non-archival node, 40GB is somewhat necessary.

You can check using df -h how much space is left.

In addition, the disk needs to be a SSD, and you need to have at least 4GB of RAM.

Hi @fabrice,

Thank you for pointing this out - sorry I wasn’t specific enough when describing my VM: it has 8 GB of RAM and a general purpose SSD with 100 IOPS. Do you think this is an issue with an SSD then?

Thanks and sorry for not being clear the first time!

100 IOPS seems extremely low. Are you sure it’s really 100 IOPS?

To help debug, please provide the output of the following (assuming Algorand software is in the PATH):

export ALGORAND_DATA=... the correct path
goal node status
goal version -v
algod -v
cat "$ALGORAND_DATA/algod-err.log"
cat "$ALGORAND_DATA/algod-out.log"
cat "$ALGORAND_DATA/config.json"
tail -n 50 "$ALGORAND_DATA/node.log"
df -h

Hi Fabrice,

Just curious… Do algod-err.log and algod-out.log exist if there have been no errors?

My node has only two log files:

[/var/lib/algorand] $ ls *.log
node.archive.log node.log

It’s possible they don’t exist.
For sure they don’t contain meaningful information if your node started properly.