Algorand Node stopped syncing - v2.9.1

@fabrice Can you please help here again . My algo node with v2.9.1 has stopped syncing.
I tried to check node.log did not find anything useful.

Logs :
Logging Starting
Telemetry Disabled
Logging Starting
Telemetry Disabled

I tried upgrading to latest v3.4.2 but when i make my compose up i get the below logs and node keeps on restarting

algo8887     | Telemetry configured from '/var/lib/algorand/data/logging.config'
algo8887     | Logging to:  /var/lib/algorand/data/node.log
algo8887     | Initialize() IncomingConnectionsLimit -1 must be non-negative

Below is the dockerfile used to build image and use in docker-compose

FROM debian:stable

RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install -y gnupg2 curl software-properties-common
RUN curl -O
RUN apt-key add
RUN add-apt-repository "deb stable main"
RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install -y algorand

VOLUME ["/var/lib/algorand"]
EXPOSE 8887 8886 4160
ENTRYPOINT ["algod"]

Definitely the issue is that v2.9.1 does not work with the new consensus.
Nowadays, the best way to be kept up to date with new releases if to follow the category:

It is usually best to systematically update even if it’s not a consensus upgrade.

Your Docker looks ok.
My guess is that your config.json file is incorrect.
Can you show the config.json file in the mounted volume /var/lib/algorand?
Can you remove any lines that you did not customize?

PS: I’ve reformated your post to write code between triple backquotes for improved readability ```

@fabrice This is config.json content

    "Archival": true,
    "isIndexerActive": true,
    "GossipFanout": 4,
    "BaseLoggerDebugLevel": 1,
    "IncomingConnectionsLimit": -1,
    "NetAddress": "",
    "EndpointAddress": "",
    "LogSizeLimit": 1073741824,
    "EnableMetricReporting": false,
    "EnableOutgoingNetworkMessageFiltering": true,
    "EnableIncomingMessageFilter": false,
    "CatchupParallelBlocks": 50,
    "Version": 12,
    "DNSSecurityFlags": 0

needs to be removed. This is the culprit.

should also be removed as the indexer v1 is completely outdated and will just slow down your node for no reason.

I would actually remove everything except:

    "EndpointAddress": "",
    "DNSSecurityFlags": 0,
    "Archival": true,

assuming you actually have an issue with DNSSec.
Ideally the DNSSec line should also be removed.

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@fabrice Thanks your suggestions worked.