Algorand participation non relay nodes

As a new developer and new user of the Algorand ecosystem, I was originally inquiring about running an individual node, I see there’s two different types of nodes relay and “non-relay/participation” nodes. Previously we you could run a participation node and participate in Algorand Consensus Protocol where you can stake and earn Algo but this is being phased out as of mid may? Doesn’t this remove a big incentive for users to run their own node? therefore decreasing decentralization rather than increasing it. How will this move change the dynamics of running an individual node? Will the participation nodes run in the same manner? Is there a plan to add more relay nodes? Are there resources available that have more information about this? Meaning will this whole section be phased out

The staking rewards were automatic for any holder of Algos. At no time were rewards given for non-relay nodes so there is no change to incentive for node runners.

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Thanks for your reply - so my understanding is that individuals who run nodes don’t get any monetary benefit for running a node? However Accounts are tied to node runners, from this video (Algorand Blockchain Core Protocol Overview - YouTube) users are selected to participate in consensus based on their stake or number of tokens they own. nodes that are selected randomly to sign the next block, but there are no “monetary” benefits for this “lottery” win. So this section will be deprecated Because there will be no consensus protocol - but you can download and run a node in the same manner and consensus protocol will be deprecated and will be replaced by governance?

There is definitely consensus protocol and yes accounts are tied to nodes if they’re participating. This account tying is done to provide the information about the amount of stake they currently have to influence their weighting during the selection process.

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We will always need participation nodes to run consensus.
The core of the Algorand blockchain is its consensus protocol.

Governance runs above the Algorand blockchain and its consensus protocol.
It is not meant to replace consensus.