Algorand v2 testnet help

  const send=()=>{
  const passphrase = "tomato riot sting festival atom hire outer census 
                  siege clog excuse bag electric wasp taxi wealth key pave 
                  party child craft damage group absent diamond";

  let myAccount = algosdk.mnemonicToSecretKey(passphrase);
(async (res)=>{
      let endRound =["last-round"] + parseInt(1000);
      let txn = {
        "amount": Number.parseInt(1000000),
        "lastRound": endRound,
        "note": algosdk.encodeObj(`Transaction sent by `),
    let signedTxn = algosdk.signTransaction(txn, );
    let blob = signedTxn.blob;
    let rawTxn = await 
    let pendingTxn = await 

This code is working .
I am trying send some amount to another address on algorand testnet v2.
transaction id is getting logged on the console.but when i copy and paste the txn id into the algo explorer testnet . i get this respose

  "message": "could not find the transaction in the transaction pool or in the last 1000 confirmed rounds"

Welcome @arkhaminferno to the Algorand Forum. I checked the explorer and found a few recent transactions from/to the accounts above on TestNet:

Have you got it sorted, so is something still amiss?

Glad to have you here building!

Welcome @arkhaminferno! Just two quick remarks.

First, you can use triple backquotes ``` around your code so that it looks nicer in the post. I’ve edited your post.

Second, you san use async for the whole code which avoids the need for the .then.

(async () => {
  let res = await axios.get("");
  let endRound =["last-round"] + parseInt(1000);
})().catch(e => {