Algosdk function for pending trsansactions

I am using algosdk package manager in my nodeJs project, i need to look for the pending transactions filter with a specific xnote or note. now i need help to find out if there is any function or any other way to filter the pending transactions based on a note or xnote.


Thanks in advance.

Hi @zeeshanmazhar ,

Using /v1/transactions/pending/{txid:[A-Z0-9]+} REST API entrypoint, you should be able to retrieve the transaction information for a transaction that you previously sent to the node.

The only thing you’ll need to do is to make sure you track the transaction id ( which you get once you send a transaction to the node ).

You can also review the entire transaction pool content using /v1/transactions/pending, but I would advise against it since it will contain transaction that you don’t care about.

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@zeeshanmazhar Using V2, here is an example of waitfortransaction which looks at pending transactions
3. Your First Transaction - Algorand Developer Portal. And Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but here is an example of searching transactions on Note field using indexer… hackathon/searchTransactionsNote.js at master · algorand-devrel/hackathon · GitHub