Alternative way to pay transaction fees

I have a dApp, which has accounts and these accounts transfers my own assets to each other. But for sending assets, I have to pay transaction fees with algos. Even for opt-in to recieve the asset, I have to create transaction and pay 0.001 algos. For doing these transactions, when I create an account, I send 0.1 algos (that’s minimum algos for each account to hold) from one account to the newly created account. But it costs me a lot. Imagine for example in the future, I may have 10000 accounts and I have to send them 0.1 algos when I create them. But even I send them 0.1 algos, I will still have a problem. For example, newly created account wants to opt-in to receive my own asset.For that, newly created account pays 0.001 algos and I get error. Because balance cannot be lower than 0.1 algos.
Are there way to pay transaction another way? It costs a lot and I don’t want to use algos for transactions.

Yes, there are several solutions.

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