Transfer created asset

I’m a bit unclear about this: when I want user to create asset from my platform, is the creator from me or the user using myalgowallet?
Currently, I’m creating from my side. The rest of the address info is the user. It looks like so, I’m comparing this from

Secondly, from what I read, once I create asset for the user, it’ll create 0 unit first then send to the user. So you need to send it second time to send 1 unit (or whatever the user asked to create). Is this correct? If so, I’m having trouble sending the second time. I’m getting asset Id xxxx missing from useraddress. But in explorer, I see the receiver having the transactions but it is as 0 (because of the first transaction).

Ok never mind. Closer read on the doc, the difference was the second transaction must be signed by the user.

Just to clarify for people that may see this post later.

Yes, the 0-transaction from a user to themselves allow them to “opt in” to the asset.
This transaction needs to be signed by the user themselves, not the creator.
You can only send assets to users that opted in.

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I want to first thank you all for always having prompt response and patience!

I have a related question, when I have the user send to themselves to opt-in, I’m getting balance below min 400000 (3 assets) error.
Wouldn’t the balance be 0? I’m using myalgo wallet to connect.

Each Algo account has a minimum balance. You can never go beyond this minimum balance.

Initially, the minimum balance is 0.1 Algo.
But then, each time you opt in to an asset, it increases by 0.1 Algo.
If you opt in to 3 assets, you must have at least 0.4 Algos in your account.

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I got it now. Thank you!