creating new asset - allows other assets to be transferred too?

Does the that allows for creating a new Asset, also allow transfer of somebody’s assets to a wallet?
For eg: I created an asset TOKEN and then created a wallet and transferred a portion of these to a wallet that I created. Then I looked at Test Token (TEST), opted in and using the same page at Algodesk | Asset Manager sent 10 TEST (ID: 14116545) to myself, which successfully went through. However, this asset is not mine, I hadn’t created it. Is this a known functionality or is this a bug? I did this on Testnet, but the page allows a drop down for Mainnet as well (Didn’t want to try there, as I didn’t want to mess up anyone’s assets). If anyone has a similar experience or if this is a known functionality, please let me know. If algodesk is not an Algorand approved tool, then is there a site where I can create an Asset without having to go through the Python or Javascript SDK (create asset from front end)?


By default, uses a secret mnemonic that is shared by everyone, i.e., the key that corresponds to the address HGB7FL7XVVNKU4MZJ6V5F5YFP6PKHV2GCXWLRRWHZF46OAGGH3XFQJ4J4A.

This is convenient for testing as it allows anyone to quickly create assets and to quickly demonstrate how assets work on Algorand.

However, in the real world, you should not use this mnemonic.
Instead, for testing without being disturbed by what other people are doing on the default account, you should enter your test mnemonic on the first page (replacing the default one).

And in production, with real keys, you should never enter your mnemonic on any website.
Instead, you should use AlgoSigner AlgoSigner | Algorand Wallet Extension for Chrome | PureStake, or other key management system (in the later case, you cannot use and will need to write code or use the command line).

Disclaimer: Algorand makes no representations regarding the functioning or security of third party wallets, exchanges, or tools mentioned in the answer above, and disclaims any liability therefor. You are fully responsible for the security and the availability of your keys.

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