Algorand Asset Management Application

Hello Guys,

I have been working on Asset management App on Algorand blockchain.
here is the link:


  1. mnemonic is not saved any where on server
  2. i have provided mnemonic by default on testnet for you guys to try it out
  3. feedback is appreciated

This is my pet project which is kind of work in progress

This looks really nice. Is the code available?

Thanks Jason,

It is in private repo for now, i’m planning to open source as soon as i complete it.

Thanks and make sure to let us know when you open it up.

Hi Jason,

I have applied for developer incentives programme and submitted this application.
Added algofoundation github handle as collaborator.
plz let me know your githubb handle, so that i can add you as collabarotor.


Thanks. My handle is jasonweathersby

Added you as collaborator.

Added, Freeze and UnFreeze functionality.
Also hosted the application on