New Algorand Project

Hello World - congrats on first auction test. Looking forward to the 19th.

I am working on an interesting new project for the music industry to further the objectives of the Algorand borderless economy and drive growth in the global music economy. We’re starting with a tightly focused tokenized song registry for the Mechanical Licensing Collective and the US Copyright Office. If you are an Algo developer, crypto or economics specialist please connect!

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Welcome- Sounds like an interesting project!

Thanks Tyler. I think there is a lot of opportunity here for DLT to provide real value add to the music industry. Iconic is currently providing oracle services to onboard artists. With the tokenized song revistry the path will be established to the creation of a blockchain music asset exchange.

Let us know if you need any help!

I am looking to bootstrap an Algorand team of developers, cryptographers and economists to build the sing registry, leverage my lobbying efforts in Congress last summer on the inadequacy of the MMA auditing provisiions and the need for open protocols. The basic concept is to build a “babblefish” white box song registry first, issue tokens at the point of copyright registration that are used to create verified copyrighted playlists, empower artists to create secondary markets with their creative assets, incentivize fans with new ways to support and benefit from their support of music they love and provide a better audit trail to reduce liability exposure for dsps, better drm frp publishers and improved transparency for creators, especially the excluded global diy artist.Icon