Zero to Hero Algorand Ecosystem Onboarding guide


Any persons here new to Algorand? Am creating a Zero to Hero Algorand ecosystem Onboarding guide and happy to take a limited number of community members through for free :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hit me up if you are interested.
Twitter : iamtechonda


Hello Boris,

Twitter is not good enough…
Do you use Telegram?

Of course.
Telegram: @bamboriz

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Who are you exactly? You don’t seem to be associated with Algorand blockchain or the community at all. Instead, I see relations with a competitor Axelar Network?

I kindly disagree and if you do not feel concerned about my post, you don’t need to say a word. I don’t think when you see an Algorand video on Youtube you ask whether the Youtuber is associated with the Algorand foundation.

Plus in this case, I am actually behind most of the technical articles on the official Algorand site and newsletters.

Make sure to add your guide to GitHub - aorumbayev/awesome-algorand: ⚡A curated list of awesome resources related to the Ⱥlgorand Blockchain ⛓ once it’s done.

Thanks @omniwarp, will do. Happy to offer you a free sneak peek. dm me on Twitter/telegram if you are interested.

Greeetings Bamboriz:

I am intereted in your program “Zero to Hero.” I recently installed Algo-kit on Ubuntu, and ran a sample youtube program in VScode. Got localnet started, got on DAPFlow, got a Wallet, imported application.json, but I had to go to "Testnet to do it. Daapflow would not accept a wallet from my local Sandbox. I had to use Testnet but my (calculator) App could not be created because apparently my wallet had no funds. The video showed a “dispense” link when in the sandbox, but none was there when I ran “localnet start.” so I transferred to Testnet.

So, my dilemma now is I can’t run my App on testnet (No Funds), nor can I run it in Sandbox because it will no longer let me switch back to Sandbox. Even if it let me switch back to Sandbox environment, Sandbox does’nt work on DapFlow. Sorry for so long message, just frustrated.

unfortunately @algokit, this is not a developer guide, it’s for people who want to get up to speed with the Algorand ecosystem quickly. I plan to do a dev one in the future though.

As for your issue, the best place to check will be in the developer channel on the Algorand discord. You could also dm me on either telegram/twitter (above) and I’ll have a quick look.


And so for anyone interested, here is your link: