JASIRI ALGO Wallet(Alternative Algorand Wallet) - INCENTIVIZED TESTNET

Hi Algorand Developer Community,

Celestino here! For several months now, I have been working with my team on an alternative Algorand wallet that is more inclusive, secure and has all-weather functionality. This has all been possible because of @fabrice and the amazing Algorand Foundation team(they work really hard behind the scenes but are still very kind to helping everyone). We started out here: Building an offline ussd algorand wallet - General - Algorand

We are nearing our testnet launch(for the mobile wallet), and we also have a flagship dApp as well that allows you to tokenize your personal physical assets on Algorand, negating the need to buy tokens so you can participate on Algorand. You can follow our online activity here: https://twitter.com/usejasiri

Anyways, the purpose of this post was to share that we would like to support all Algorand dApp developers have our mobile wallet natively support their applications and needs they may have to get use. I personally unnecessarily went through a lot trying to get Algorand mobile wallets support new features or dApps, in fact one Algorand mobile wallet in the ecosystem I would try to get help from would take the proposals I made with them, go silent but then secretly implement them without any feedback. Therefore, this decision is informed by my experience building on Algorand, and so we want to reduce barriers for dApp developers on Algorand. Our wallet has offline/online features, meaning users who live in areas with internet access that is weak can still use your dApps with a mobile-first experience. We are planning to have features like Account Abstraction on the wallet and more, to make everyday non-technical people use your dApps as well.

Kindly register with us here if you would like to participate in our incentivized testnet: https://quiz.typeform.com/to/ujzTwO7Q . You will be able to access the dApp and also test out the JASIRI Wallet. We have 400+ registered testers and so we are taking several phases for our dev teams to send invites and make changes, which may take a bit more time to reach out to everyone.