Any Status Update on Algorand Wallet - Desktop version?

Hello fam,

As the user base is picking up in the ecosystem, I am curious if there are any status updates on a possible desktop version of the Algorand wallet? Every time I use the official mobile wallet app, I wonder why we are resorting to such “subsidiary” platform w/ no or little (I do see the beta-test alike recent update - honestly looks like a college freshman’s project in terms of UI, no offense) analytics and instead build a PC desktop version with full analytical capabilities? Something like Neon wallet would be awesome to hold Algorand-based tokens, vote, etc. as well (see below for an example UI). Personal NFT crate? Other suggestions include things like:

  • Option to redeem the earned rewards instead of being added automatically into the total wallet balance, which is NOT the same as the staking balance? (the user still has to make another transaction i.e sending 0 ALGO to yourself in order for the rewards to be deposited into the staking balance even though the total balance updates with the rewards added. This is quite misleading).

  • Be able to trade ALGO with fiat currency i.e USD. I personally believe there needs to be a feature to purchase within the mobile app to truly be advantageous over desktop or usb ledger wallets.

  • GUI version of running participation nodes for non-technical people to easily participate and support the network?

  • Allow users to create/export a table to perform simple cost analysis for budgeting with generic parameters or manually generated columns and rows.

What are some of your suggestions to add in as a potential feature/improvement in the wallet?

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What’s wrong with ?

Because it’s not an official wallet developed by the Algorand team?? (and the UI is horrible)

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Agreed… honestly these JavaScript-based wallets are a security nightmware. is created by the same guy who had millions of crypto, including ALGO, stolen from him. Reminds me a lot of Mt. Gox waiting to happen all over again.

I doubt it. They are not even able to make it open source…

The installable exe is quite often considered as risky… In you can install it in desktop using PWA mechanism… just go to the web and click install app. It will look like the desktop app :slight_smile:

I know that a-wallet is not very UI or graphically friendly, and many improvements can be done. However it has already support for creating NTFs/ASAs.

I dont know about the trading directly within the wallet. The main purpose of the wallet is to provide secure storage not the market place.

Do you have any contacts to Neon wallet? It would be great if they could also add algo assets there… Techncally it is not complicated, and the a-wallet source code may guide them to do it easily…

The private keys are stored encrypted in browser db and cannot be accessed from other sites, so it is not so much nightmare… Higher nightmare are wallets which are not open source.

can you share some link pls?

Private keys are not centrally stored, so I dont see anything like that happaning with algo (a-wallet, or official wallet)

It was in Oct 2019. So, if I had millions of Algos, I would use HW wallets – a HW wallet and a backup HW wallet.


Personally speaking, I would never keep much value in the browser. Use the online wallets to hold some amount of funds for executing transactions and for convenience and offline / cold / hardware wallets for the bulk of value.

I’ll point out that AlgoSigner chrome browser wallet extension is open source and security audited on a regular basis.

Can you share with us some link where to find the security audit? I wonder if this line comes within the audited result algosigner/secureStorageContext.ts at 77338f60e61d9eb9f96d4e28075d2caef3e51c8f · PureStake/algosigner · GitHub

I am not saying it is broken, but i can imagine a way how to make it more secure.

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Woah this is news to me. Interesting, so this Yabo figure (Founder of Randlabs, who made wallet.myalgo) once actually used to be Algo Capital’s ex-CTO? Has anyone saved the Medium post, supposedly Yabo wrote to pledge to shoulder most of the reimbursement cost? Long story short, he was careless and had that much principal just sitting in a hot wallet through his phone. First time hearing a CTO holding that much in a HW, instead of a CW. $3mil was probably a big chunk for the team during those initial start-up phase, if it took longer than a year to recoup. He has departed due to this incident from Algo Capital (my guess he was fired?).

Shortly after all this mess, Algorand team officially rebranded its investment firm to Borderless Capital, which is now thriving with new contracts incoming frequently nowadays.

Maybe I’m not reading it right… but it looks to me as if he was Algo Capital CTO, not Algorand Inc CTO.

You’re right! There was a hiccup on reference. I edited.

For further clarity in your post: the Algorand team did not re-brand Algo Capital - Algo Capital (now Borderless ) was and is an entirely separate organization from either Algorand Inc or the Algorand Foundation.

In terms of timeline, the team at Borderless made the decision to re-brand in March of 2020 as the creation of new ASA based tokens started to be a significant trend and they wished to represent opportunities across the wider ecosystem, not just Algo ( Algorand focused venture firm Algo Capital rebrands to Borderless Capital » CryptoNinjas . This is 6 months after the unfortunate issue for Pablo and entirely un-related.

Anybody knows the address where the algos has been moved? When there were some thefts of EUAs back in 2012 we have created suspicious carbon credits initiative where we tracked the some addresses of stolen euas and made proof of trading not stolen carbon credits…

Perhaps something similar should be created for algos so that the exchange or anybody can check if the algos are on some kind of black list or gray list (not confirmed yet) … It should be protection of exchanges so that they do not fund the thieves.