New Algorand Web Wallet - Testnet and Mainnet

We have a launched the first algorand web wallet. No more command lines needed.

Works now on both, Testnet and Mainnet. Hardware wallet support coming shortly as well.

please go ahead and try it here:



It looks great! Nice to have this

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Can I make a suggestion ?
Instead of having the user enter his mnemonic, have the user enter her public key.
Later on, when the user would want to send money, ask her to complement the public key with the actual mnemonic.
That would drive more traffic to the site, and (hopefully) help to build trust.

Are you suggesting a similar functionality to the algoexplorer? Like using be public key to access the history of an address?

Correct. It sounds like a similar functionality.
( which isn’t super clear on the algoexplorer; on a wallet application, you might want to be able to name the recipients )

Can I make a security improvement?

myetherwallet scores an A grade:

Myalgo wallet scores an F grade which should be improved imo:

We are working on it and also to improve the wallet.

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